Flatlanders is a content network where users are free to engage in various forms of discussion. That being said, there are certain guidelines that must be followed when it comes to content that is posted on the website.

Prohibited Content

Content that fits into one or more of the following categories is subject to removal and prohibited from being posted on Flatlanders:

Methods of enforcement

If you are found to be violating site rules, or posting content that violates the above rules, you may be subject to the following:

Please note that Groups within Flatlanders may add rules in addition to the requirements laid out above. Groups may enforce their rules by modifying or removing content, or temporarily/permanently banning the user violating their own rules. Flatlanders attempts to be a free speech platform but maintains these rules throughout the entire site. These restrictions are subject to being changed at any point in time, and your usage of Flatlanders consents to your content being governed by these rules. If any new restrictions are put into place that puts old content into violation of said new rules, that old content will be subject to removal under the new policies.